The International Magic Tenors are eight gentlemen currently taking Europe by storm with their powerful voices and diverse musical performances.
As well as unique renditions of classics such as Nella Fantasia, Ohne Dich and Amazing Grace these talented performers entertain audiences with their take on the classical cross-over genre with performances of Bohemian Rhapsody, Unchained Melody, Whiskey in the Jar and Sound of Silence plus many other popular and classical numbers.

The line-up of this unique group features artists from Australia, Ireland, England, Wales and Finland

The Magic Tenors are:
Jordan Davies
Reuben Kaye
Neil Moors
Peter Horton
Derek Moloney
Riku Rokkanen
Adam Strong
William Mulvey

This passionate and high energy performance is sure to entertain both young and old alike, promising a show you'll never forget and have you jumping out of your seat!

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